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Rubber wall protection - buy

Wall protection against contact with the car is provided by such a modern means of traffic management as the rubber chipper . Wall chippers are in demand in structures such as underground and multi-level parking lots and garages, and they are also used in industrial and warehouse premises due to limited space for vehicles.

Practice shows that wall chippers are indispensable in places of spiral descents / ascents in parking lots - this is where walls are most often damaged due to contact with cars when maneuvering.

To protect the walls from chips, and cars from scratches and dents, it is recommended to use chippers to protect the walls. The most effective ones are the rubber wall chippers .

Wall protection DSR-1 Wall protection DSR-1 Защита стен ДСР-2

Wall rubber damper - benefits:

  • Durability.

    For the manufacture of chippers on the walls, high-quality black rubber is used. It has high characteristics of strength, resistance to deformation and temperature extremes. The impact of small or medium strength does not leave marks on the product, with a strong impact the rubber chipper is able to restore shape.
  • Reliability.

    The properties of the materials used in the production of wall dampers provide reliable protection of both walls and vehicles from various damages. The maximum level of protection is achieved through the use of wall chippers in combination with outdoor wheel chippers. Retroreflective stripes on the wall protection improve its visibility in any degree of illumination.

Rubber dampers - buy

Corner dampers are rubber overlays for corners, which are used to protect against collisions and damage to corners, columns and other protruding elements and structures in the following structures:

  • underground and multi-tier parking;
  • garages;
  • underground tunnels;
  • production workshops;
  • loading and unloading complexes;
  • warehouses.

In addition, in areas of heavy traffic, traffic in a confined space or in a parking lot, the corner damper protects vehicles from damage when opening doors or when maneuvering. Corner bumpers prevent dents, scratches and other damage to the color of the vehicle body, which can be caused by slight touches of the corners of the walls and columns under cramped parking conditions.

Column protection and wall protection are provided by two types of linings - angular straight line damper and angular round damper. Both varieties are recognized as effective remedies.

Rubber rubber dampers Rubber rubber dampers Shelving rack protection

Angle dampers - benefits:

  • Strength, reliability, durability.

    The manufacture of corner dampers is made of high-quality shock-resistant rubber of black color, resistant to deformation under loads of weak and medium strength. It does not require repair and replacement for a long time.
  • Easy installation and removal.

    The rubber corner damper is attached to the wall with screw dowels or with a special adhesive. If necessary, you can easily replace a failed element.
  • Aesthetic and conspicuous appearance.

    The dampers are equipped with a reflective film of the highest class in contrasting yellow color, which makes it noticeable at any level of illumination - both in daylight and under headlights in the dark.

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