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Speed bumps IDN-500


The width of such artificial road irregularities is 500 mm, and the height is 58 mm. Such bumps are equipped with a reflective tape, which increases their visibility in the dark. The material for creating these products is high-strength and reliable rubber. Holes in such bumps are necessarily reinforced with special metal disks, so that bump is protected from "tearing" from the place of their installation.

Perhaps the most popular speed bump model today is the IDN-500 . Its width is 500 mm, height - 58 mm. Buy IDN-500 at a bargain price can be in the company "Technology".

One of the defining directions of our activity is production of artificial road roughness . This means of organizing traffic is recognized as one of the most affordable and effective ways to forcefully reduce speed in sections that carry an increased potential danger to people and vehicles.

We produce road roughness of guaranteed high quality, in accordance with the requirements of GOST R52605-2006, adapted to the harsh conditions of roads and climate in Russia.

Before installation, it is necessary to ensure a smooth surface of the roadway at the place of attachment of IDN. Next, you need to expand the product sections in one line, tightly and securely connecting them to each other. The number of sections should be determined based on the width of the carriageway, thereby creating a complete overlap of the roadway. This will avoid a situation where vehicles completely or partially bypass this obstacle. Failure to comply with this recommendation may provoke a sharp increase in the load on certain sections of such a TDDS, which leads to their premature failure. An effective drainage is provided by 0.2 m of free roadbed at the edge of the road, provided that the radius of curvature of the road surface complies with GOST.

Next, it is necessary to outline the drilling locations on the served pavement, remove the IDN sections and perform drilling. After this, install the IDN in place, insert the bolts and tighten them. All mounting holes must be used for the most reliable and high-quality installation.

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