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Rubber wheel breakers

Rubber Wheel Chippers - Benefits:

  • Reliability, strength, durability. Chippers are made of high-strength rubber, which perfectly absorbs impacts upon impact or mechanical impact. Keep their original shape when exposed to loads of different types and different intensities. The design of the products is monolithic, which ensures a long service life.
  • Easy to install. Rubber chippers for wheels are firmly attached to hard surfaces with anchor bolts. This equipment can serve as a temporary or stationary means of ODD. Installation of rubber wheel chippers does not require prior preparation.
  • Aesthetic appearance, good visibility. Rubber wheel chippers are equipped with reflective inserts made of special retroreflective tape. These elements make them clearly visible in any light. In addition, in the case of such products there are holes designed to secure signal flags in them. These flags also increase the visibility of fenders.
  • Easy maintenance. Rubber wheel chippers are corrosion resistant. They do not need staining.
  • Affordable price. In the PC “Technology” you can buy rubber wheel chippers at affordable prices.
  • A wide range of options. Our company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of standard rubber wheel chippers and chippers in individual sizes. A variety of species allows you to use them to equip any object or section of the roadway.

Rubber wheel chippers - buy

In the PC “Technology” you can buy in Moscow, cities of Russia, CIS countries rubber wheel chippers in various designs. Our logistics department provides prompt and reliable delivery of products throughout the Russian Federation, in Moscow and the countries of the Near Abroad.

Rubber wheel chippers are trapezoidal as standard. They are secured with anchor bolts to a flat surface. The height of such equipment is 100 mm.

Wheel bumpers for parking are most often used in the organization of parking spaces for cars and play the role of a special barrier enclosing a place for a car. Such devices help the driver correctly and quickly park the car and fix its position. This prevents the car from colliding with other vehicles.

Wheel chippers are used not only in car parks, but also on the roadway. They are used by road services to indicate access to high-hazard areas and to separate traffic flows in front of road repair sites.

Rubber wheel chippers are also indispensable for equipping storage facilities. They are used there to protect columns, racks, walls, ventilation ducts and other structures from collision with loading devices.

Rubber wheel breakers

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