Traffic and Parking management tools


Good day. Why are there so many sizes of speed bumps? How do I choose the right one?
Hello. Yes, indeed, today we offer 4 sizes of IDN. This range is due to the need to meet the demand for this product in various fields. IDN-250 and IDN-350 are the "budget" options. They are used in places where there is no need to comply with the requirements of GOST (GOST provides widths of 500 and 900). As a rule, they are mounted in private territories, in yards, in parking lots of shopping centers, etc. Products cope with their task "perfectly", while at the same time they allow to save significantly. IDN-500 and IDN-900 products are manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of GOST and are installed on public roads.

Do you already have a list of what is needed?

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