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Delinator is used as a compulsory lane separator in adjacent and / or opposite directions. The road divider is used both on the public roadway and in various internal territories: high-traffic roads, changing or restricting the direction of the traffic flow during road repair activities, creating a scheme for driving in parking lots and private areas (production and storage facilities, supermarkets, gas stations).

Delinator is equipped with a special hole (groove) for setting a signal flag or milestone. Installation of road equipment of this type can be either temporary or stationary.

Road Separator - Benefits:

  • Durability.

    Road delinators and signal flags are made of special grades of black rubber of increased strength, which withstands impacts and impacts.
  • Visibility.

    As a rule, the delinitor is equipped with yellow contrasting elements made of reflective film of the Stamark type, which makes it noticeable and perfectly visible at any time of the day.
  • Quick and easy installation.

    Delinator is installed on a flat surface using anchor fasteners - bolts and sleeves mounted in technological holes drilled in asphalt or concrete pavement. Features of assembly and installation allow you to use the road divider both permanently and temporarily.
  • Aesthetics.

    Delinators are equipped with end elements that give the product completeness and attractive appearance.
    Road Delinators from the company Technology - this is guaranteed high quality at an affordable price.


Delinator Delinator

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