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Corner protection

Rubber protection for corners - buy

Rubber corner protection is a pad of wear-resistant rubber material, equipped with bright reflective stripes. With the help of such a lining, the corners of the walls and columns in the parking lot are protected from damage. Improved visibility of obstacles is provided by applying reflective elements to the corner bumpers. This corner protection reduces the risk of a car colliding with columns and wall corners and minimizes vehicle damage in the event a collision does occur.

Rubber lining for corners is successfully used in industrial premises (workshops, warehouses), which use in-plant transport, in underground or multi-storey garages, logistics complexes, in parking lots, car washes, etc.

Advantages of Rubber Corner Protection

  • It consists of wear-resistant rubber, and also has increased elasticity, resilience and strength.
  • Easy installation and no need for repairs over time.
  • Excellent visibility at any time of the day thanks to reflective elements.

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