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Speed bumps

Artificial road roughness , also called speed bumps, is the most popular means of organizing traffic and arranging the roadway today.

IDNs are installed on the road to forcibly reduce the speed of vehicles. This measure is aimed at improving the safety of road users, which include drivers and pedestrians. Speed ​​bumps are installed on sections of roads near schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, hospitals, and shopping centers. Such equipment is indispensable when organizing traffic at potentially dangerous and unregulated intersections.

Advantages of the IDN of our production

Wear-resistant and durable rubber

For the manufacture of our speed bumps, high quality rubber is used that is resistant to increased loads, climatic influences, and road reagents. The increased operational life of the products is achieved by reinforcing the body of the products with steel cord.

Retroreflective elements

Reflective windows on the surface of the product make our IDNs well visible in low light conditions. They have optimum reliability and durability. The light reflection area of ​​our IDN exceeds 2 times the requirements of GOST.

Strong adhesive

The special adhesive used in the production of our speed bumps firmly glues reflective film to the surface of the road bumps.

Robust construction

Parts of artificial road irregularities are fastened together by a spike-groove type lock. Such a combination of product elements is strong and reliable, it gives the product the necessary monolithicity.

High reliability mounts

Special metal discs reinforcing the mounting holes in the products provide reliable fastening of speed bumps to the roadbed. Such metal disks are welded into the IDN body during the vulcanization of the product. This protects speed bumps from tearing from the roadway during their operation.

Cellular Structure

The lower part of the product has a tread in the form of hexagons. When hitting a car, the pressure inside is evenly distributed and prevents the product from deforming. Proper drainage is provided. The mass of IDN-500 from the PC "Technology" is 14 kg, and IDN-900 - 24 kg.

Speed ​​bumps - buy

PC "Technology" is engaged in the production and sale of a variety of road equipment. Here you can buy speed bumps of standard sizes or order the manufacture of bumps with unique dimensions. Our IDNs are made taking into account the requirements of GOST and the wishes of the customer. The logistics department of Tekhnologiya provides prompt and reliable delivery of manufactured products throughout the Russian Federation, in Moscow and the countries of the Near Abroad. Other equipment designed for traffic management can also be bought in Moscow and other cities.

Artificial road roughness - views:

  1. IDN 300
  2. IDN 500
  3. IDN 900

The speed bump has a collapsible design. Such a collapsible product consists of several parts: two end elements and one (several) medium working elements. The number of medium parts varies depending on the width of the road where the speed bump is installed. Artificial roughness is located on the roadway perpendicular to the line of movement of vehicles so that the cars did not have the opportunity to go around it. The permissible distance from the edge of the road to the beginning of the IDN on each side is established by GOST and is ⩽0.2 m

Before such an obstacle, according to the rules, the sign “Maximum speed limit” is set. At the same time, the maximum permissible speed of vehicles on this section of the roadway is indicated.

  • The long life of IDN from the PC "Technology" is ensured by the use of high-quality materials for their manufacture. Our speed bumps are made from durable, wear-resistant rubber, resistant to high loads, climatic influences, road reagents. This material is resistant to external factors and deformation.
  • Details of artificial road roughness are equipped with a spike-groove lock. These lateral protrusions firmly fasten the parts of the structure, providing them with a reliable and strong connection with each other.
  • Technological openings of products intended for their fastening to the road are reinforced with special metal disks with galvanic coating. This design provides a reliable connection IDN with the roadway and protect the product from tearing it out of the asphalt.
  • Steel cord reinforcement of the IDN body provides its increased strength. This eliminates the possibility of deformation of road bumps and extends its service life.
  • Retroreflective elements located on the surface of the product make them clearly visible even in conditions of poor visibility. These elements are made of high-class reflective film and are fixed on IDN with special glue.
  • The reflective film is located in special recesses, which eliminates the possibility of its displacement.
  • The affordable price of rubber speed bumps makes them affordable for consumers.

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